The Institution of Engineers (India)

Belapur Local Centre

Plot No 106, Sector 15, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400614
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“100 Years of Relentless journey towards Engineering Advancement for Nation Building“

Students' Chapter

The Council may establish Engineering College Students’ Chapters or Polytechnic Students’ Chapters at engineering colleges or polytechnics conducting courses recognized by the Institution with the concurrence of the managing authorities of the respective engineering colleges or polytechnics and notify the establishment to the State Centre within the geographical boundaries of which such Chapter will be located. The Student Members (SMIE) of an Engineering College in a discipline recognized by the Council or the students undergoing regular courses at a polytechnic recognized by the Council shall be attached to the respective Chapter on payment of requisite subscription and the affairs of such chapter shall be managed in accordance with the rules framed and approved by the Council from time to time under the guidance of the Adviser who shall be a member of the faculty nominated by the managing authorities of the respective engineering colleges or polytechnics.
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